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What is Weft microfiber?

2022-01-27 00:17:00

The width of the white blank is 160cm, and the width of the finished product is 145cm. The finished fabric weight is around 160 grams per square meter. Weft suede is an ideal fabric for making various home textiles and shoe materials. Product sales are on the rise in the market. The product specification of warp suede is 11.5*5+28, and the raw material specification is 105D×150D. It can also be produced on water jet looms or air jet looms. Its texture is better than that of weft suede. Thickness and strong velvet feeling are its main characteristics. After finishing, it can be bronzing, embossing, punching, printing, etc. The width of the white blank of this product is 160cm, the width of the finished product is 152cm, and the weight of the finished fabric is around 170 grams per square meter. The warp suede not only makes sofa covers, decorative fabrics, women's spring and autumn clothes, but also can be used as curtains after printing. Most of the products are exported to Europe and the United States. Because of its wide range of uses, it is favored by merchants.