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A source manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales of fabrics

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Scale advantageScale

Large scale, self-produced and self-sold, constantly breaking through industry problems

The production efficiency is high, the failure rate is less than 1%, and the bad outflow rate is 0%.

While ensuring profits, there is also a high rebate policy to share market profits with partners.


Many technical research and development personnel, the factory is well-equipped

The company has many outstanding technical research and development personnel, who go to high-tech enterprises to study every year, occupying a certain advantage in the domestic industry.

The factory is well-equipped and has many high-end production lines.


Strict quality control, layer-by-layer testing, breaking through industry standards

Quantify quality inspection standards and carry out R&D experiments objectively and scientifically

Raw material quality control, standardized production, whole-process quality supervision;


Full after-sales service, all-round service, cooperation is more assured

7*24 hours technical team online reception, timely response to needs

Unconditional technical guidance support; if quality problems occur, free after-sales maintenance services are provided, so that you have no worries!

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139 2586 6957


TaiPo Textile Co.,LTD.

TaiPo Textile Co.,LTD.specializes in shoes and handbags fabrics,offering Integrated service from consultancy,development,design,manufacture to distribution of shoes and handbags fabrics.After years of dedicating,TaiPo has been becoming a long-term partner to lots of worldwide famous shoes and handbags brands.
We now have more than 1000 kinds of fabrics,using in upper and lining of all kinds of shoes and handbags.They are in different materials,constructions such as woven,jacquard,knitting,yarn dyed,embroidery etc.and finishing such as dyeing,printing,plastic,foiled,embossing,pad pasting,coating,antibacterial,water resistant,oil wax etc.TaiPo cooperate with famous worldwide shoes and handbags brands,including Nine...

What are the characteristics of jacquard cloth?

What are the characteristics of jacquard cloth?

Soft, delicate and smooth unique texture, good gloss, good drape and breathability, high color fastness (yarn dyeing). The patterns of jacquard fabrics are large and exquisite, with distinct color layers and strong three-dimensional sense, while the patterns of dobby fabrics are relatively simple and single.

What is mesh?

What is mesh?

Stainless steel mesh can be divided into: stainless steel square hole mesh, stainless steel dense mat type mesh and other types of stainless steel mesh. Stainless steel mesh is widely used in the screening and screening of solid materials, and the filtration of liquids.

Technology News

  • The weaving method of velvet

    The warp and weft of velvet are made of untwisted raw silk, with plain weave as the ground, and the suede surface is bright rayon. The fleece is like ordinary warp satin fabric.

  • What is Weft microfiber?

    The width of the white blank is 160cm, and the width of the finished product is 145cm. The finished fabric weight is around 160 grams per square meter. Weft suede is an ideal fabric for making various home textiles and shoe materials.

  • What are the applications of mesh cloth?

    In order to achieve the effect of light and breathable, running shoes and tennis shoes will use a large area of mesh; and the tongue part of basketball shoes also uses mesh products, and other parts rarely use mesh.

  • A brief introduction to lace fabrics

    Lace fabrics are divided into elastic lace fabrics and non-elastic lace fabrics, collectively referred to as lace fabrics. The composition of the stretch lace fabric is: Spandex 10% + Nylon 90%.