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what is cation microfiber?

2022-01-27 00:15:48

In addition, the sales trend of cationic suede is in the ascendant. The fabric adopts novel cationic sea island silk fiber, which makes the product have the advantages that other fleece types cannot match. The satin weave is used for weaving on a water jet loom. The fabric is fresh and elegant, very beautiful, bright in color and not easy to fade. It is widely loved by urban and rural consumers for its good suede effect, no lint and ball, good anti-wrinkle performance, strong wearing performance, and drape and crisp. The width of the cloth is 160cm, the weight of each meter of cloth is about 200 grams, and the colors are rich and varied. It is not only an ideal fabric for making casual wear, but also a fashionable fabric for making trousers. The reason why this product has become popular and quickly popular is that it is in harmony with the fashion of clothing that advocates nature and pursues leisure.