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What are the applications of mesh cloth?

2022-01-27 00:16:51

In order to achieve the effect of light and breathable, running shoes and tennis shoes will use a large area of mesh; and the tongue part of basketball shoes also uses mesh products, and other parts rarely use mesh.

Mesh is a special upper material for shoes that require light weight and breathability, such as running shoes. Simply put, it is a shoe upper made of cloth, but of course it is strengthened by sports. Generally, special fibers and scientific high-strength network design are used. The woven material upper made of 3D mold has the best breathability and elasticity. So as to make it easy to fit, this is NIKE's launch of running shoes that do not require shoe size, and are lightweight. In addition, it is convenient to use various dyeing and other means to make various fashionable and individual styles. It is understood that every year NIKE will use this series to set off a fashion trend.

Since 2001, the fashion concept of woven uppers has been proposed, which can be said to be a material with various patterns. However, the disadvantage of MESH is that it is "too soft". It is basically not unsupportive, and it is too sensitive to the environment such as sweat, and it will be scratched or broken by hooks. After all, the material is cloth. Therefore, mesh is generally used for shoe bodies such as running shoes that strongly require breathability and lightness.

There are two kinds of mesh materials, one is the dynamic 3D mesh Lycra spandex-mesh made by 3D stretching technology, which uses dynamic elastic fibers, just like the kind used on the boot cover (Lycra), which has strong stretch elasticity in all directions. The comfortable material is also widely used in almost all lightweight running shoes such as Air Presto Gym new element series, Butterfly in the Wind, Air Jet Flight, Presto Cage and so on.